The Ultimate 5-Day Workout Routine for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain - Greatest Physiques (2023)

With this5-day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain you’ll be stronger, leaner and more athletic in no time at all.

There are no secrets to a well-crafted, aesthetic physique.

The truth is that athletic, powerful and imposing guys make every minute count. They have the best program, a diet that supports both weight loss and muscle gain, and above all else – they’re dedicated to the cause. Unbreakable resolve and determination is what puts the pros a cut above.

In this5 day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain we lift the lid on the most simple, effective workout plan to carve out muscle gains while shredding excess belly fat. If you want a complete physique overhaul, you’re in the right place.

This is how to look like the pros…

Goal:Muscle building, fat loss
Aimed at:Intermediate to advanced
Program duration:5-days
Workout duration:45-60 minutes
Equipment needed:barbell, dumbbell, resistance machines

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5-Day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain

Completely change the way you look, perform and feel with this brutally-effective strength training program.

To build a strong and athletic physique you need to spend time in the gym. Newbies can hit up the weights room a couple of times per week and make gains – they’re so deconditioned that literally any kind of training will improve the way they look.

You on the other hand need much more of a stimulus to push the boundaries of mass gain and leanness. You’re already on your way to a muscular frame, and the following factors of training have become your bible of gains…

  • Intensity
  • Volume
  • Frequency

There’s only so much intensity and volume you can pack into a workout before excessive fatigue kicks in though. Even as a finely tuned, experienced lifter, set after set of heavy weights will soon take its toll.

The quality of your sessions would taper off and the excessive soreness would soon have you burnt out and feeling beat up.

What’s the cure?

Increase frequency.

Taking the number of workouts from 3 to 5 per week is a simple way of adding in more weekly volume without suffering fatigue and exhaustion. With enough time on your hands, this5-day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain helps you balance all important variables.

It’s your one-way ticket to a show-ready greatest physique.

Use a 5-day split to build muscle and shred fat

We’ve designed this split to maximize productivity and output.

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Your week is arranged like this:

  • Day 1: Legs and abs
  • Day 2: Back and biceps
  • Day 3: Rest
  • Day 4: Chest and triceps
  • Day 5:Rest
  • Day 6: Shoulders and traps
  • Day 7: Arms

For the best results, stick to this plan for 6-8 weeks before taking a break. Consistency is key here, so build up momentum with this 5-day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain.

Once you’ve completed 6-8 weeks of this workout routine, upgrade to this 12-week advanced 12-week mass building transformation workout plan.

The Ultimate 5-Day Workout Routine for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain - Greatest Physiques (1)

Day 1: Legs and abs

Quadriceps, hamstrings and calves

A1. Barbell squat- 3x 6-8 reps

B1. Romanian deadlift –3 x 6-8 reps

C1. Hack squat – 4 x 12-15 reps

D1. Lying leg curl –4 x 12-15 reps

E1. Standing calf raise – 4 x 6-10 reps


F1. Hanging leg raises – 3 x 15-20 reps

G1. Weighted ab curl – 3 x 6-10 reps

H1. Barbell roll-out – 3 x 10-15 reps

Check out this video on how to perform the barbell roll-out with superior technique…

Day 2: Back and biceps


A1. Pendlay row –4 x 6-8 reps

B1. Wide grip pull-ups – 4 x 6-8 reps

C1. Single arm row –4 x 8-12 reps

D1. Dumbbell reverse fly –4 x 15-20

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E1. V-bar pulldown – 4 x 8-12 reps


F1. EZ bar curl – 3 x 6-8 reps

G1. Dumbbell hammer curl – 3 x 6-10 reps

Here’s how to Pendlay row with great form…

Day 4: Chest and triceps


A1. Incline barbell press –4 x 6-8 reps

B1. Dumbbell flat bench press – 4 x 8-12 reps

C1. Decline dumbbell fly – 3 x 12-15 reps

D1. Incline bench cable fly – 4 x 12-20 reps


E1. Narrow barbell press – 4 x 6-8 reps

F1. EZ bar skullcrusher – 4 x 8-12

G1. Rope extensions – 3 x 8-15

Not sure how to perfect the incline bench cable fly? Check out this video…

Day 6: Shoulders and traps


A1. Barbell military press –4 x 6-8 reps

B1. Dumbbell Arnold press – 4 x 8-12 reps

C1. Dumbbell lateral raise – 4 x 8-15 reps

D1. Dumbbell front raise –4 x 8-15 reps

(Video) Top 4 Fat loss Training Tips For The Endomorph


E1. Smith machine shrug – 4 x 4-8 reps

F1. Chest supported incline shrug – 4 x 8-12 reps

Check out this video on how to execute the chest supported incline shrug…

Day 7: Arms


A1. Chest supported EZ bar spider curl –4 x 8-12 reps

B1. Seated incline dumbbell curl – 4 x 8-15 reps

C1. Barbell reverse curl – 4 x 15-20


D1. Weighted dips – 4 x 6-8 reps

E1. Dumbbell overhead extension – 4 x 8-12 reps

F1. Dumbbell squeeze press – 4 x 12-20

Here’s how to spider curl with perfect form…

Workout tips

A physique is only as good as the program that creates it.

However, even with the best workout routine in the world, you still can benefit from the short-cut workout tips. Check out this section on hints and hacks to get even better results.

#1. Stick to the plan

It’s easy to get a little too motivated on a new workout routine. You’re always itching to work harder and harder in the gym, no matter how beat up you feel.

This5-day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain is a calculated program with just the right amount of volume to push the boundaries of your physique. There’s no need to throw in extra sets or reps – if you work hard enough with the program we’ve given to you, you’ll see results in less than 3 weeks of solid training.

Be patient and stick to the plan.

#2. Progressive overload

How do you ensure you’re working hard enough in the gym? Use progressive overload, that’s how.

This simply refers to using weights that are challenging and constantly looking to push harder rather than resting in your comfort zone.

(Video) Do 100 Push Ups Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body

When you choose a weight, you should base it on the specific rep range you’re working in. For example, if your rep range is 8-12 you should choose a weight that allows you to complete more than 8 strict reps, but no more than 12.

If you can do more than 12 it’s too light.

If the rep range is 4-8 and you grind out 11 reps, guess what… yep, it’s too light.

As soon as you can complete 12 full reps, it’s time to increase the load on the bar. Every set should be challenging. Every rep should count.

#3. You can hypertrophy a muscle at any rep range

Gone are the days when scientists thought the only way to grow muscle was in a set rep range of 8-10 reps.

If a muscle fiber is recruited and fatigued, it’ll grow.

Research studies have shown that weights as heavy as 100% of your maximum and as light as your 30% will lead to hypertrophy… providing total volume for the week is high enough.

In this5-day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain we’ve varied the rep range to hit different muscle fibers, build strength and carve out a more rounded physique. But we’ve still maintained a high enough volume to grow huge slabs of muscle.

#4. Rest is important

Repping out heavy things is only the stimulus for muscle growth. When you lift weights to fatigue you create microscopic trauma within muscle cells. The more you train, the more damage you cause.

It’s away from the gym that your body begins to heal itself; building back bigger and stronger to stop that damage from happening again.

Rest is important as it provides an opportunity for muscles to grow, joints to recover and your body to stay on top of its game. Disrespect your rest days and eventually you’ll soon suffer from exhaustion and illness.

Appreciate their value and you’ll soon be looking more muscular.

#5. Support your goals with the correct nutrition plan

The bottom line is that you CAN’T lose fat mass unless you’re in a calorie deficit.

This5-day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain provides the building blocks to create your dream physique… but only if you support it with the right diet.

For slow, steady and manageable weight loss you should shoot for a calorie intake that’s ~20% lower than maintenance. For more rapid fat loss go with a more aggressive 40% but only for a week or two at a time.

For a more comprehensive guide to nutrition forweight loss and muscle gain, check out our expert article on bodybuilding diet: eating for muscle mass.

The bottom line

With this5-day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain you’re giving your physique the best tools to enhanced athleticism, performance and aesthetics. Follow it for 6-8 weeks and completely transform the way you look and feel.

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What is the best 5-day workout split for muscle gain? ›

Day 1: Chest + (Light) Triceps. Day 2: Back + (Light) Biceps. Day 3: Core + Forearms + Calves + Cardio. Day 4: Shoulders + (Heavy) Triceps.

Which workout split is best for muscle gain and fat loss? ›

Push/pull/legs is favorite training split which includes pushing muscles (chest, shoulder, triceps), the pulling muscles the next (back, biceps, forearms, abs), and lower body (quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves' w/ abs) on the next day. Add in rest days where needed, all while you don't miss any days.

What is the big 5 workout? ›

Which are the big 5? The five basic exercises bench press, deadlift, squats, shoulder press and pull-up are generally known as the big 5 of strength training. Due to the adjustability of the resistance, the lat pull-down is often used instead of the pull-up.

Which muscles not to train together? ›

A typical two-day split, for example, works your lower body one day and upper body the next day. Or you can work your pushing muscles — chest, shoulders and triceps — one day, then your pulling muscles — back and biceps — the other day.

How many seats are ideal for muscle growth? ›

So, How Many Sets to Build Muscle? The ideal training volume for building muscle is around 9–18 sets per muscle per week. And if you're choosing good lifts, doing 6–20 reps per set, and bringing those sets within 1–2 reps of failure, the bottom end of that range is often enough to maximize muscle growth.

How do you structure a 5 day split? ›

Check out the splits below and see how they may meet your fitness goals.
  1. Monday: Chest. Tuesday: Back. Wednesday: Shoulders. Thursday: Arms. Friday: Legs/Abs. ...
  2. Monday: Legs/Abs. Tuesday: Chest. Wednesday: Back. Thursday: Shoulders / Abs. ...
  3. Monday: Chest/Calves. Tuesday: Back/Abs. Wednesday: Off. Thursday: Shoulders/Hams.

What is the best workout schedule to build muscle? ›

The Muscle Building Workout Routine: Upper Body A
  • Bench Press. 3 sets of 6-8 reps. ...
  • Rows. 3 sets of 6-8 reps. ...
  • Incline Dumbbell Press. 3 sets of 8-10 reps. ...
  • Lat Pull-Downs. 3 sets of 8-10 reps. ...
  • Lateral Raises. 2 sets of 10-15 reps. ...
  • Triceps Pushdowns. 3 sets of 10-12 reps. ...
  • Dumbbell Curls. 2 sets of 12-15 reps.
15 Nov 2020

How do you divide a 5 day workout? ›

Here's our ultimate 5-day workout split routine!
  1. Monday: Chest and triceps.
  2. Tuesday: Back and biceps.
  3. Wednesday: Rest day.
  4. Thursday: Shoulders and triceps.
  5. Friday: Legs and biceps.
  6. Saturday: Rest day.
  7. Sunday: Core and cardio.
  8. Complete 3 sets of each exercise.
30 Sept 2020

What exercise burns the most fat in gym? ›

#1: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, which involve repeated bouts of very vigorous exercise followed by easy recovery periods are one of the best workouts to burn fat.

How do men lose belly fat and gain muscle? ›

Moreover, cardiovascular exercise leads to increased muscle mass and reduced waist circumference, belly fat, and overall body fat. If you're trying to lose weight, aim for 150 to 300 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week. This equates to around 20 to 40 minutes of exercise per day.

How can I turn fat into muscle fast? ›

The bottom line

It's a myth that you can turn fat into muscle. During weight loss, fat is taken from fat cells and used to produce energy in the body along with other byproducts. Ideally, muscle is preserved through strength training and consuming a protein-rich diet.

What are the big 4 exercises? ›

Though there are thousands of different exercises we could do in the gym, barbell training comprises just four exercises, the so-called “Big Lifts.” These compound movements — the squat, press, deadlift, and bench press — should make up 90% of any athlete's strength program, regardless of their level of advancement.

What lift builds the most muscle? ›

The Top 7 Muscle Building Exercises
  • Squats. Squats are the king of all muscle and strength building exercises. ...
  • Deadlifts. ...
  • Dips. ...
  • Pull Ups. ...
  • Bench Press. ...
  • Overhead Press. ...
  • Rows.

What muscle grows fastest? ›

Is there no one group of muscles that always grows the fastest? Speaking very generally, the largest muscle groups in the body tend to respond the quickest to training in terms of their development. This makes sense because they're the easiest muscles to overload with heavy weights.

What is the easiest muscle to grow? ›

Chest Muscles are by Far the most easiest muscle groups to Train and grow in human body. Because most of the movements are compound and generally require less form complexities as compared to other muscle groups .

How many times a week should I lift weights to gain muscle? ›

Strength training

You need to be hitting the weights at least three days per week. The research says that at the very least, training a minimum of two days per week is needed to maximize muscle growth.

Is it better to lift heavy or do more reps? ›

Generally, exercises with higher reps are used to improve muscular endurance, while higher weights with fewer reps are used to increase muscle size and strength.

Do you need to lift heavy to build muscle? ›

A loaded barbell isn't the only path to building muscle. According to a new study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, you don't have to lift super heavy in order to boost strength and gain muscle. As long as you go to failure, it doesn't matter how much weight you lift.

What's the best workout split for cutting? ›

I suggest most lifters choose a 4-5 day workout split when cutting. My go-to splits are either a 4-day (upper, lower, upper, lower) split or a 5-day split that has a lifter training most muscle groups at least twice per week.

How should I divide my workout days? ›

In a three-day split, you divide upper body work into a push/pull routine over two days and work your lower body on a separate day. A typical three-day split would include chest and triceps work (push exercises) on Day 1, back and biceps (pull exercises) on Day 2, and legson Day 3.

What is the best 6-day workout split? ›

An example of an intense 6-day workout split could be:
  • Monday: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (light)
  • Tuesday: Legs and Core.
  • Wednesday: Back, Biceps, Forearms.
  • Thursday: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (heavy)
  • Friday: Rest day.
  • Saturday: Legs and Core.
  • Sunday: Back, Biceps, Forearms.


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