Muse Ink FAQ — Muse Guam (2022)

+ Do you do piercings? Sell body jewelry?

Sorry, currently we do not offer any piercing services or sell any body jewelry.

+ How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

On Guam the legal age to receive a tattoo is 18 years old. We can not tattoo minors without parental consent and parental presence while receiving consented tattoo. You will be required to show a valid photo ID on the day of your appointment. A copy of one will need to be sent prior to your appointment. No ID, No Tattoo, No Exceptions.

+ Do you Accept Walk-Ins?

No( Unfortunately for us),We specilize in custom tattoos. Each piece is hand drawn for each client. Due to the time it takes to complete custom tattoos we are not able to accommodate walk-in tattoos, and function strictly as an appointment-only shop. All our artists require an in-shop consultation to get to know you and your tattoo idea before we book you an appointment for a future date.

Take advatage of the specials we have, some days we do flash tattoos. Those don't usually require much heads up.

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+ I Want to make an appointment with an artist. Now what?

Firstly, thank you for choosing Muse Ink! We recommend doing a lot of research on the style, size and placement you're looking for in a finished tattoo. Our artists at Muse Ink specialize in a vast variety of tattoo styles, knowing all this information beforehand will speed your tattoo process along as well as insuring you leave your appointment with a tattoo fully customized to suit your liking.

Second, please fill out our consultation request form. Be sure that you fill it out to its entirety, it will help our artists determine your tattoo needs. One of our talented staff members will respond to you shortly and guide you through our consultation process. Please be thorough with a description of: the tattoo you want, size (approximate dimensions in inches, placement on the body, and reference photos that help describe your ideas to the artist, to avoid any unnecessary emailing back and forth.) Having this information ready will expedite your consultation process. If you call or walk in to schedule a consult, we will ask you to fill out our form anyway, so feel free to start there.

Our artists get a very large volume of emails, which they respond to for free in their off hours, during which they could be tattooing, drawing tattoos, promoting, enjoying their personal life, or doing laundry, among many other things. It is not uncommon to wait up to two weeks for a reply. We do however try our best to reply to everyone. You're welcome to resend an consultation form if you do not hear back within a month (it might have gotten lost in the bustle). You may also email your artist directly indicating you have filled out the consultation form already to further assist with your tattoo process. We thank you for being patient with a response.

+ Can I just call the shop or walk in to schedule?

Yes you may, although we do experience a high-volume of phone calls throughout the day we do apologize if you have to try multiple times to get through. One of our valued employees will direct you to fill out the consultation form and schedule a consultation appointment, but please have the consultation form filled out prior to calling to expedite your tattoo process.

If you walk in and ask to schedule a consultation or appointment, we will ask you to fill out the consultation form on the website before we begin to schedule a consultation appointment.

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+ How much does a tattoo cost?

Refer to our Pricing page.

+ Does getting a tattoo hurt?

We pride ourselves with having very light-handed artists as most of our artists also work with us in Muse Face and Body Art gigs doing temporary tattoos on people of all ages. Working with children on a daily basis helps our artists with not applying an overt amount of pressure for no reason. Our trained professionals will also guide you through your tattoo experience to alleviate as much pain as possible.

Unfortunately pain is a very hard thing to scale, but we can assure you that you will not be in any unnecessary pain. We generally say if you pinch yourself in that spot and it hurts, then using a needle might also. We do offer a few ways to alleviate pain from our partners, please ask us about our alternative pain alleviating methods during your appointment.

+ What happens at a consultation?

It is super helpful to bring in any reference pictures of tattoos, artwork, or photos that you like the look of to help explain your ideas to your artist, but remember we are all custom artists, and will use your references as inspiration only and not directly copy someone else's tattoo that you bring in. Don't worry, this will ensure that you get a super unique tattoo designed just for you. We do have a large library of reference material for you to check out, but do not have many pre-drawn ("flash") designs, with the exception of some drawn by our artists. Since our artists all work in a set drawing style, we realize we can not effectively tattoo 100% of styles. If you want a tattoo in a style that we don't feel like we can rock effectively, we will happily give you a recommendation for an artist if we can, even if they don't work with us. We firmly believe that commissioning a tattoo is just that, commissioning a piece of artwork from an artist that you connect with.

At your consultation your artist will discuss size, layout and placement with you, and if you like the direction they are going with it, they will take a deposit. This deposit is to ensure that you're serious about getting the tattoo you've discussed with your artist, and if you decide not to get the tattoo for any reason, do not show up to your appointment, or are over 60 minutes late with no notice, the deposit is kept as payment for the artist's time. We recommend you look over and understand our deposit and billing policy here:

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+ What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Paypal and Credit Cards (Visa, MC, AmEx, and Discover). While we do accept cards, like any small business we appreciate cash transactions and unfortunately we do have an Online Transaction Fee that will be applied.

+ How should I prepare?

Be well rested, bathed, shave the area of any hair in the tattoo area, be well hydrated, and eat two to three hours before your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing that you would not mind getting dirty, and will grant access to the area we need to tattoo. Feel free to bring music or other entertainment (your phone, magazines, a laptop with a movie for very long sessions, anything you can enjoy without moving, so no gameboys etc). We also recommend bringing a small snack and a sugary drink, especially if this is your first tattoo. Fruit, energy bars, juice, candy and soda are all helpful while your tattoo gets underway. Please do not bring children with you on the day of the appointment. Make sure you bring a valid ID that has a photo and birth date on it (driver’s license, state-issued non-driver’s license, and passports are all good examples). Being tired, hungover or having low blood sugar can increase the discomfort level, which brings us to our next point:

+ Can I drink or take pain medication before my tattoo?

No. Alcohol and aspirin thin your blood, making you bleed more than normal. This not only makes the job harder and your tattoo take longer, but excessive bleeding can make your tattoo heal improperly causing it to look faded and unattractive. As far as drugs go we are not pharmacists and there is no way to tell the way every drug will affect you being tattooed. Most importantly we want you in a clear state of mind and with the least possible chance of feeling ill during the tattoo. This is an exception of course for prescribed medications, which you should let us know if you are on any beforehand, and check with your doctor if you are not sure if it is safe to receive a tattoo on your medication. So please come in feeling like yourself, we won’t tattoo you otherwise. And yes (because everyone asks), after the tattoo you can drink again after the first few hours (after bleeding has stopped), or take Tylenol or ibuprofen to help with swelling or pain.

+ Do you tattoo hands or feet?

Hands and feet are tricky areas to tattoo. The skin exfoliates at a much higher rate than other parts of the body, which means you are shedding skin cells at a much higher rate than the rest of the body. This can result in fading, “bleeding” (when the ink spreads under the skin), or parts of the tattoo disappearing altogether. A lot of tattooers refuse to tattoo these parts of the body for those reasons. We are willing to tattoo hands and feet as long as the client has all the information we can give on what the outcome could be. These are parts of the body where there is no guarantee of how it will heal. You can google image “healed hand tattoo,” “healed finger tattoo,” or “healed foot tattoo” to get an idea of what a tattoo on these areas can look like after healing.

+ Do you do cover-ups or touch-ups on older tattoos?

We specialize in cover ups and revitalizing old tattoos. Consultations are mandatory for these so we can see the work in person, and can go over your options for the best result.

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+ What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require 48 hours notice to have your deposit rolled over for a rescheduled appointment. A portion of the deposit may apply as an art fee for cancellations if the artist has put a fair amount of time into the drawing. There are no refunds, all payments are final.

+ Does it cost anything to make my appointment?

For smaller tattoos we require the shop minimum to hold your appointment, which is $50. This is paid prior to your appointment date. For larger pieces that are multiple sessions there is a minimum of a $100 deposit, it ranges with the price of the tattoo and will be discussed with the artist. This assures the date and time of the appointment, and will get deducted from the balance once the tattoo is completed. This can be done in person, or over the phone with a credit card, or on our website. We recommend you schedule a free consultation to speak to an artist in person if something needs to be drawn up ahead of time. This gives the artist time to draw, and can give you a better idea of what the tattoo will cost. For cover ups or reworking an existing tattoo, a consultation is mandatory.

+ Do I have to have a drawing prepared before visiting the shop?

Not at all. That is why we are here! We are more than happy to help you make your tattoo dream into a reality. Having a clear idea of what you want the tattoo subject matter to be is the first step. Additionally, having solid references from books, magazines, photos or digital images will further help us create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. If it is your intention to transcribe a personally drawn image that is also a possibility, please bring the reference art with you during your consultation appointment.

+ What happens during my tattoo appointment?

Please have a look at our tattoo procedure page.


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