How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (2023)

Do you have a couple of climbing houseplants that need some help being able to actually climb upward rather than droop over? An easy DIY moss pole will do simply this.

Learning how to make a moss pole was a super unproblematic DIY activity that has huge payoffs. Non only volition your bootleg moss pole help your plants climb and stay upright, but it also looks really cool.

Plus, I merely enjoy having the addition of moss equally part of my plant'south aesthetic appeal. Instead of having a monochrome plant of just one flavor, you get a nice combination of found plus moss. It’south just then visually appealing to me to have that mixture, I love information technology.

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Benefits of Sphagnum Moss Poles for Climbing Plants (or whatsoever constitute that needs help staying upright)

Moss poles provide support to your plants and helps train them to grow upwardly.

Another benefit to adding a moss pole to your plant is that moss will ensure budding roots stay perfectly moist – not too moisture and not also dry out.

Moss is a fantastic medium for climbing vines (or any new growth on plants) and is piece of cake for your constitute to affix itself to.

If y'all don't take any climbing plants, this how to make a moss pole tutorial is perfect for monstera's as well as any other tall plants that are starting to droop.

Equally much as moss is highly benign in providing moisture and nutrients to your plant, it’due south worth noting that this is non a sustainable long-term planting method. This ways you lot can't but plant your whole plant in moss, as the institute will outgrow the setting and need to have a full potting mix to support the growth of a whole-healthy plant. But, if y'all're looking for how to help your plants climb, moss is perfect!

Additionally, ane more matter to note is that, even though we’re using the moss every bit a medium to promote climbing growth, you lot volition want to mist your new shoots and leaves, including the moss, ofttimes (though not so much as to overwater them). Moss is excellent at retaining moisture but it will eventually dry out out. Aim to continue your moss pole moist but non soaked.

At present with all of that being said, how do y'all make a moss pole for climbing vines? Let’s become crafting.

How to Brand a Moss Pole for Climbing Vines

Gather Your DIY Moss Pole Supplies

First things offset, I similar to assemble all of my supplies together and in one identify so I don’t have to stop mid-projection to run and grab any I’g missing. This style I give all of my attention to my projection and non worry about having to put something downwards to become await for what I need next.


To make a moss pole, yous're going to need:

  • Wood stake (I used a piece of ¾-inch plywood cut to a point on 1 stop well-nigh 18 inches long – length will vary based on height of your constitute)
  • Sphagnum moss (about half-dozen-8 cups when dry, it will shrink to iv-v cups when wet)
  • Twine
  • iii-iv cups of water


  • Scissors
  • Bowl
How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (1)

I used a wooden stake made from a piece of ¾-inch plywood cut to 1-inch wide and about 18-inches long.

Now, one of the things to consider when deciding how long of a stake you'll need for your institute is the size of your pot. Yous may want a taller moss pole than what I'thousand making in this tutorial. Merely keep in heed that only so much of your stake can get into your potted plant – based on the depth of your pot. Yous want your pole to exist alpine enough for your found to climb but not also tall that it becomes elevation-heavy and falls over. If you’re repotting your plant, this is a perfect time to use a deeper pot that will let for the taller moss pole.

Second, I grabbed this large bag of sphagnum moss from Amazon. The bag is fairly inexpensive and y'all get a lot of moss and so you can make multiple poles. You’ll only need well-nigh 6-8 cups of sphagnum moss per pole when dry, it will compress to about 4-v cups when wet.

If you don't accept an Amazon order going in someday before long (I tend to club weekly) you can also find sphagnum moss in the gardening section of your local home improvement store.

I selected this type of moss so that I wasn’t getting the type that’s dyed (similar what you’d find at the craft store, for example) or that was treated for insects (like what you might find at the pet store, for instance).

You’ll also demand some twine (the thickness doesn’t really thing, just regular twine) with a pair of pair of scissors to cutting it; and some water to moisture the moss down, forth with a basin to exercise that in.

Once you lot've gathered all of your supplies, it’s fourth dimension to get to work.

DIY Moss Pole Step-By-Step Instructions with Pictures

Step ane. Place the moss in a bowl, pour the water over information technology. Permit the moss to soak for well-nigh 5 minutes.

The moss will soak up the water and you’ll exist left with very pliable moss that’south easy to work with.

How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (2)

Stride 2. Measure the depth of your plant'south pot. If it is iv inches deep, this is how far up from the spiked end of your stake you'll start tying your moss onto. If information technology'south 5 inches, showtime 5 inches up, and so on.

Footstep 3. Once the moss is ready, tie the twine to the base of your stake based on the measurements you only did. I started mine about four inches from the spiked-end.

The reason you lot're tying the twine on first is to hold it in place as your wrap information technology around the moss in the next step.

How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (3)

Step 4. Take a small scattering of moss (nearly â…" to ¼ cup) and place it against one side of the stake, then immediately wrap the twine around the moss snugly to hold it onto the stake.

Rotate the stake and repeat.

Keep moving up the pale, covering the entire pale in small 4-inch sections equally you wrap the twine over the moss, belongings information technology to snugly the stake.

You’ll want to work while holding tension on the twine, and if you need to break and pace away from making the moss pole, you’ll desire to tie-off the twine before loosening the tension or your moss will just fall off the stake.

Make sure to utilize enough sphagnum moss in each section so it is thick and fully covers the wood.

How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (4)
How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (5)

Stride v. When you reach the top of the stake, place well-nigh ½ cup of moss on the top of the stake, roofing the end.

Wrap your twine effectually the summit of the pale, then piece of work information technology over the end of the pale, then down to the bottom where you started.

Tie your twine off near 4 inches above the spiked end, close to where y'all started – this way the knot is more likely to exist hidden by the plant instead of at the superlative where it's conspicuously visible.

How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (6)
How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (7)

If the pole seems a piffling sparse, has any bare patches, or just isn't as full equally y'all'd like, you can go back and add more moss by simply tying it on with more twine or by tucking it up under the twine you lot already tied-on.

Step vi. When the moss pole is gear up, firmly press the stake’due south pointy end into the center of your potted plant, pressing information technology deep enough into the soil of the potted plant that the moss pole won’t fall over. Then enjoy!

How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (8)
How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (9)

If you lot're placing your sphagnum moss pole in with an already established plant, y'all may need to utilise twine or ties to attach the plant's vine or stems to the pole until it learns how to affix itself.

Voila! You now accept a beautiful DIY moss pole that is not just great for your plants simply too looks funky.

How To Make A Sphagnum Moss Pole (10)

So, now you know how to make a moss pole for your climbing plants, monstera, or whatever other tall plant that needs a lilliputian support. Wasn't it an easy and fun DIY project?

I hope you dearest the way your sphagnum moss pole looks in the eye of your establish.

I experience similar y'all can make these and so fast that y'all could make a moss pole for every constitute in your house in just a few minutes.

If you loved this projection equally much equally I exercise, be sure to pin it to your favorite DIY ideas lath on Pinterest and so you tin observe it again quickly when you’re ready to make a moss pole again!

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