Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds: The Best 5 Reviews (2023)

We are in an age where people love to sleep in versatile positions and comfort after daily hassles. It means people’s mattress needs to be soft, and bed frame must conform to various degree of adjustment, which only adjustable beds frames can offer. But does it mean the traditional metal or wooden structure is no longer relevant? No. It’s just that it doesn’t allow people to elevate or decline either the head or footer side. Reading and watching television is one of the most exciting aspects of having a bed that allows for adjustment to achieve any suitable position. If you wish for a restful night with a good mattress base, this article discussing 5 of the best adjustable bed consumer reports will walk you through some of the top brands in the market.

Let us see them for a quick glance.

  • 4.6 out 5 stars:
  • 4.6 out 5 stars: Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Frame
  • 4.5 out 5 stars: iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable
  • 4.7 out 5 stars: LINENSPA Adjustable Bed Base
  • 4.6 out 5 stars: Amazon Basics Adjustable Bed Base

Before the detailed review, people need to know the benefits of an adjustable bed before buying one. Here are some of the profits:

  1. Convenience
  2. Better posture
  3. Enhanced comfort
  4. Greater independence
  5. Its relief from back pain
  6. Improve breathing and reduce snoring
  7. Improved blood circulation and reduced swelling

5 of the best adjustable beds base reviews

1. Sven & Son Split King

Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds: The Best 5 Reviews (1)

The advantage of the Sven Son is the ability to split it independently during sleep without disturbing your partner. The design is side by side, allowing individual detaching and adjustment. The head can rise from 0-75 degrees while decreasing the foot from 0-45 degrees.People can choose a zero-gravity position.

The elegant bed frame can hold a maximum weight of 750 pounds. People will also access massage therapy at a touch of a button. USB ports are available on the side for quick charging your devices, and a warranty of five years.

In addition, the package includes two 14-inch hybrid mattresses of cool gel and memory foam origin. However, people can buy only the frame to use with an existing bed. What’s more? Check below.


  • The legs are adjustable
  • 2 USBs on both sides
  • Under bed LED light
  • Two units of a wireless remote with backlit
  • Back up with five years warranty
  • It comes with two XL sized mattress
  • Accommodate weight up to 750 pounds


  • It is expensive
  • No sound system accessories
  • Require a large mounting area

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2. Lucid L600 Adjustable Base Bed Frame

Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds: The Best 5 Reviews (2)

The Lucid mattress base is also available in other sizes, but the pros of this queen size are that it can occupy two adults comfortably whose weight is not more than 750 pounds. From checking and words according to consumer reports, the Lucid construction is made of durable and high-quality materials. The motor powering this sleep system is tranquil and doesn’t create noise.

The manufacturer reports that their adjustable bed frame is compatible with Lucid or any mattress under 14-inch size. So, if you got one, there is no need to worry about additional investment.

While comparing the price with the previous one, the Lucid is more affordable, though both are not in the same category. Below are other aspects we record about this frame.


  • Easy setup
  • Compatible with Bluetooth
  • Head up and foot up control
  • It comes with a wireless remote controller
  • USB ports at the side to enable charging devices
  • It is consistent with any mattress of below 14” size
  • Manufacturer warranty of 10 years agreement


  • No massage features
  • It does not have under bed lightening
  • Quite heavy to assemble by an individual

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    3. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed

    Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds: The Best 5 Reviews (3)

    The beauty of an adjustable frame bed is that people won’t lie flat, unlike regular beds that exert pressure points on the body. If you want to avoid this issue, the iDealbed is designed to give people peace of mind. With the iDeal, people can select from three pre-set positions flat, anti-snoring, and zero gravity.

    People will also enjoy improved comfort and sleep as they can adjust the bed head to 70 degrees while the foot to 42 degrees to stay in a suitable position.

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    People will also access full massaging while selecting from different intensity levels and four modes. Its sturdy frame and legs make it possible for the 4i bed to hold user weight up to 850lbs. what’s more.


    • It has a remote
    • Ultra-quiet motor
    • Under the bed, the night light
    • Three pre-set position
    • Lift weight up to 850 lbs
    • Three height adjustment
    • It has a massage option
    • Compatible with any mattress
    • Head and foot independent adjustment


    • It is expensive
    • Require 2AA batteries

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    4. LINENSPA Adjustable Bed Base

    Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds: The Best 5 Reviews (4)

    The Linenespa is one of the affordable options for adjustable bed frames. This product comes in full size, and its construction can accommodate a weight of 850 pounds as its maximum load. The head and foot incline independently. As such, people can elevate their legs, sit up or recline as needed. This product offers more than comfort. It also relieves uncontrollable snoring.

    For people who want a restful night devoid of noise, the motor of this bed is quiet in operation. The easy setup is another thing people will love, no stress or complex process, straightforward assembling. The advantage and disadvantages are as follows.


    • Easy setup
    • Remote control
    • Head inclination is from zero to fifty degree
    • Foot inclination is from zero to forty-two degree
    • Compatible with any mattress of under 14 inches
    • Purchase backup with five years warranty


    • No USB ports
    • It doesn’t feature a massage function

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    5. Amazon Basics Adjustable Bed Base

    Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds: The Best 5 Reviews (5)

    If you are looking for a basic adjustable bed frame for daily relaxation, indoor or outdoor, check out this product. The lightweight design can be lifted and transported anywhere within your facility. It can accommodate user weights up to 300 pounds.

    If your lifestyle involves watching movies, reading, or working on a laptop, this frame will provide you with versatility and comfort positioning to achieve your activities.

    The design is compatible with latex, foam, or air mattress. Everything for assembling this unit comes with the purchase.


    • Remote
    • Portable and lightweight design
    • People can increase the head or decrease the foot and vice versa


    • Lacks massage function
    • No USB ports
    • Design to hold only 300 pounds of weight

    Are adjustable beds worth it? Learn the benefits

    Yes, having one is worth the price. We will be discussing this under the benefits adjustable bed base provides, which are as follows:

    • Convenience

    The ability to raise and lower an adjustable bed at a button makes it easy for people to get in and out of bed, unlike a regular bed, which can be challenging. Adding to the fact that an adjustable design allows people to sit up at a suitable angle makes it the most convenient.

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    • Enhanced comfort

    When people sleep flat on a traditional bed, it generates pressure on different parts of their body, like the head, shoulder, hip, and heels. This causes discomfort, but an adjustable bed contour to people’s bodies reduces pressure points to have a good night’s rest.

    • Better posture

    Adjustable bed contour to body structure compares to regular beds. Because it can support the spine while making people maintain a neutral position, thus improve better posture. This, in return, leads to a night of comfortable sleep, with no pressure points to wake people up.

    • Greater independence

    Compared to a regular bed base, it allows people to move independently without disturbing their partner. For instance, the split model is popular among couples. People can adjust it without disturbing the next person.

    • Relief back pain

    Due to limited mobility, back pain is a common sleep problem with regular beds. People can manage back pain by exploring different sleeping positions on an adjustable bed. People can increase the head side to reduce pressure on their spine or decrease it to suspend themselves.

    • Improve breathing and reduce snoring

    Another benefit of an adjustable vs. regular bed is that it helps to reduce snoring. Lying flat on a regular bed closes people’s airway resulting in snoring. By contrast, you can elevate the head of an adjustable bed to keep you in a tilt-like position – this prevents your airway from narrowing, reducing the possibility of snoring.

    • Improved circulation and reduced swelling

    Adjustable beds can help people suffering from blood circulation problems or swollen legs. All that requires is to elevate your leg during sleep. An adjustable bed can offer this; by pressing a button, your legs are already in an elevation, thus improving circulation and reducing swelling legs.

    Read also: Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines & The Best Reviews

    How to choose

    There is no big deal when buying an adjustable bed base. This sleeping device requires less personal knowledge, but you must know a few aspects to select wisely. The summary of features below are things to consider:

    • Maximum load capacity:Everyone’s weight varies, likewise the different frames. People need to know the measure of their weight and then look for a corresponding bed base that can sustain their weight. It makes sense to choose a product that is up to 750 pounds if you’re weighing 700 pounds. The extra 50 pounds will make up for any additional body mass increase.
    • Adjustability:Generally, this bed base allows people to adjust them to a certain degree. Some brands can only qualify for the head and foot adjustment, while others may include zero gravity position. And the degree of inclination and declination varies from one product to another. Check this information on the corresponding one of interest to know what you are getting.
    • Remote control:Extra comfort can be enjoyed with this device alongside your sleep system. With it, people don’t need to get up. With a press of a button, you’re on the go.
    • USB ports:Everyone who likes to charge their phone at one point when lying down. Instead of standing up, some models with USB ports are always at the side of the bed for people to quickly plug their phones.
    • Massage therapy:For people who love massaging, this feature is available in a high-end and expensive model but will give you improved relaxation after a stressful day.
    • Warranty:Do not forget this, no matter what. Adjustable beds are costly. As such, security is a must for peace of mind. It is best to pick a product from a brand with a reputation that offers no less than five years of warranty.

    There might be other specifications we still need to write on because technology advances daily. So, it’s possible to come across other features at the point of purchase.


    The innovation of an adjustable bed base has relocated regular beds to the backyard for those who know the diverse importance of having one. For people who want to have a night of good sleep without pressure point building around their body, this adjustable bed is for them. People can adjust to a position that’s comfortable for relaxing. Some people read, watch TV, or work on laptops when they elevate the bed to the status of interest. However, this article talks about various aspects, reviews, and how to find a high-quality one suitable for making a wise decision.

    Have a nice day!

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