Cheap Clothes Sale - Wholesale Women's Clothing Stores Online (2023)

Whether you are a women rushing from barre class to a classy bar, or one who likes to hunker down by the fireplace for the evening, we have the perfect women's clothing for you! DressHead will be your best clothing store for wholesale clothing. From classic to eclectic, functional to flashy, we have you covered with sensational styles for every personality at cheap price.

A cozy sweater dress is a no-fail staple for the colder months of the year. We have them in all hem lengths, with short sleeves and long, and in every imaginable color. Shop one of our cold shoulder sweater dresses for an extra special look. Our online clothing stores carry many cheap clothes such as beautiful stretch knit sweater dresses that come with a turtleneck. It is knee length and sleeveless, making it the perfect choice to wear with a jacket. We also have every manner of cheap clothing such as warm, cozy women's sweaters. We have off shoulder styles, sweaters with laces and with cutouts, and long, tunic style sweaters. If you enjoy layering your clothing, shop our women's sleeveless, cable knit sweater in a lovely shade of pale blue, or try one of our thinner knit sweaters in white at wholesale price. For a figure flattering look, try our women's diagonally designed, cold shoulder sweater for a stunning look!


Do you want people to identify you as a fashion forerunner, distinctive from the rest of the pack? Consider one of our cheap inspired asymmetrical dresses with high low hemlines, or pointed ones. We have every possible asymmetric hemline configuration imaginable. Alternatively, you could shop our cheap clothing such as brightly colored leggings with one of our many beautiful tunic tops. Regardless of the season, every woman's wardrobe needs pants. We have all the best styles of women's pants, such as our women's drawstring waist pants and an entire line of stretchy skinny jeans. Our jeans on sale come in both distressed and non-distressed varieties and in a wide array of colors. We also carry an extensive line of tee shirts. Our online clothing stores have many cheap clothes such as plain tee shirts, and tee shirts with logos on the front at wholesale price. We carry printed tee shirts and tee shirts with your choice of long or short sleeves. We have off shoulder tees and cropped tee shirts.

The celebrity aren't the only ones who love bodycon dresses. We have one of the best collections found anywhere. Our exquisite cheap clothing collection has something for every body type, in mini, midi or maxi bodycon dresses. Our cheap stretchy bodycon dresses drape beautifully over the female form without undue tightness or discomfort. Choose something simple or choose something elaborate. We have all the options. For instance, our online clothing stores carry a gorgeous bodycon midi dress on sale with a deeply scooped, plunging neckline and long sleeves that comes in white or black at wholesale price. Many women buy both colors when they realize just how versatile a bodycon dress can be. No look would be complete without an inspired jacket to go along with it. We carry many cheap clothes such as leather moto jackets, short jackets, longer jackets and jackets made from denim.

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Interested in something retro inspired? Consider our off shoulder Bardot dress or one of our 1950s-influenced dresses with a precisely fitted bodice and a nice, full skirt. Make a dramatic impression with a simple lace dress reminiscent of the 1960s, or shop one of our vintage dresses, floor length, in a beautiful floral pattern. Whether you are a punk princess trying to earn streetwear points with artfully cut, girly-hued not-so-basic dresses, or a powerful business woman looking for a look that exudes power and practicality, we have the cheap dress for you. Our online clothing stores have many cheap clothes such as sleeveless dresses with jackets, or long sleeved midi dresses that are perfect for office wear. We also have distressed denim on sale for the edgier woman at wholesale price. The jury is in! We have everything you could possibly desire in dress wear.

Are you into denim? We use only the finest quality cotton denim for our creations, such as our relaxed fit denim button shirt dress. It features a half sleeve and tied waistline. Our denim dresses are not only great for taking on vacation, but they are also fantastic additions to any casual wardrobe. Wear them to the mall, to daytime get-togethers or to relax in at home. Wear a denim dress to a country and western concert, or on a picnic. You will find endless uses for them. We make denim dresses for each of the four seasons. Our online clothing stores also carry many cheap clothes on sale such as fitted denim dresses in every length you could want at wholesale price. Many women like to wear hooded sweatshirts with their denim jeans and denim dresses. We have the nicest, best made hoodies found anywhere. Most come with adjustable drawstrings to achieve the perfect level of comfort.

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Select something simple to accessorize with jewelry or scarves, or find a dress in our cheap clothing collection that is embellished with sequins or bows. Alternately, shop one of our close fitting lace dresses, such as our white one with long sleeves and a plunging vee neckline. We have the styles you are looking for in the fabrics that you love. Whether you are headed for the corner coffee shop, the office hallway or the dog park down the street, our dresses will let you rock the runways of the real world. Going on vacation? Our extensive cheap clothing collection of cheap dresses, pants and shirts feature wrinkle resistant and wrinkle free fabrics that can make your job a whole lot easier at wholesale price. Our easy to maintain knitwear can be tossed into a suitcase and comes out looking great every time. Our online clothing stores also have an entire line of denim dresses that fit virtually every body type.

The little black dress never goes out of style. Consider our bandeau lace trimmed A-line dress for your next after five event. It has a sexy off the shoulder look with long sleeves in a fit and flare profile. An alternate suggestion is our black three quarter length dress with white lace around the vee neckline. We have many cheap clothes such as black dresses in mini length, more conservative ones in midi length, and the ultimate in evening apparel in maxi length. We have dresses that help women unleash their creativity and define their personalities in distinctive ways. For instance, some come with macrame back detail or special prints. Our online clothing stores have cheap dresses in plaids, checks, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes and dresses completely covered with sequins at wholesale price. We have dresses that have cold shoulder cutouts or that are intended to be worn completely off the shoulders altogether.

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Our company has the best designers, ones who understand how to distill our dress collections down to key looks that our customers want to have. We have the dress that will make you insta-chic! Take, for instance, our collection of ribbed knit dresses. We use the finest cotton blend fabric to result in ribbed knit dresses that come in cold shoulder styles, long sleeves, mini and maxi lengths and in all colors. These make the perfect dresses for fall and winter, as they help keep their wearer's comfortable, snug and warm. You can impress someone special in one of our simple fitted dresses, or thrill them with frills by selecting one with a lace hemline. Speaking of lace, we have an entire cheap clothing collection of the most beautiful lace dresses found anywhere. Our online clothing stores have many cheap clothes on sale such as opaque lace dresses, semi-sheer lace dresses, and dresses that are trimmed with lace. We only use the finest, most intricately latched lace available.

If you are looking for turtleneck or cowl neck dresses, we have an extensive selection. For instance, we carry a beautiful gray casual dress that is hooded, and that has an impressive fold down cowl neck collar with long sleeves. You will absolutely love this graceful style. We have cheap mock turtlenecks, double folded turtlenecks and simple, unembellished turtlenecks, giving you a wide variety of options from which to choose. Peasant blouses are huge this year. Shop one of our women's off shoulder peasant blouses, or one of our styles with long bell sleeves at wholesale price. Our online clothing stores have so many cheap clothes on sale such as white cotton peasant blouses, and peasant blouses in nice prints. All are well fitted and precisely designed for the look that you want to achieve.

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If you prefer the figure flattering look of a cheap wrap dress, we have wrap dresses in every desirable length, configuration and color. For instance, our red wrap dress features a sizzling surplice cut with long sleeves and a sexy mini length. This is a dress for a night out on the town, but we also make wrap dresses for casual wear. Each one is impeccably stitched from the right fabric to make it look absolutely perfect. Regardless of the type of women's clothing you are seeking, we have it. We have formals in maxi length and mini length, beautiful slacks, lace covered dresses and lace or semi-sheer chiffon garments of every variety at wholesale price. Our online clothing stores have every possible casual dress that you could want. Our office wear is unsurpassed and our cocktail dresses are to die for! When you need dresses, jeans, slacks, tee shirts or mini skirts, turn to us for the finest and most reasonably priced items.


What is the cheapest online store for clothing? ›

The 19 Best Affordable Online Clothing Stores for Men in 2022
  • Widest selection. Amazon Fashion. Shop at Amazon. ...
  • Great-looking basics. ASOS. ...
  • Minimalist Essentials. Everlane. ...
  • Affordable stretchy jeans. Mott + Bow. ...
  • Marked down designer clothes. Nordstrom Rack. ...
  • BooHoo Man. Shop at BooHoo. ...
  • Bonobos. Shop at Bonobos. ...
  • H+M. Shop at H&M.
Sep 28, 2022

Where can I buy wholesale clothing online? ›

Buying Wholesale Online

Some of the more popular online platforms include Fashion Go, LA Showroom, OrangeShine, Tundra, and Faire. All of these platforms all serve a different corner of the market, so find what suits you best. For a higher-end or zip code protected options, there's also NuOrder and Joor.

What are the best wholesale clothing vendors? ›

Your Complete Guide To the Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors
  • Alanic.
  • AliExpress.
  • Bloom Wholesale.
  • Boulevard Apparel.
  • Catwalk Wholesale.
  • CC Wholesale Clothing.
  • Chase USA International.
  • City Goddess.

Where can I find super cheap clothes? ›

Recap of How to Shop for Clothes on a Budget
  1. Don't buy just because it's a clothing “sale”
  2. Check clothing price drops.
  3. Use coupons.
  4. Get cash back on your shopping purchase.
  5. Buy discounted clothing store gift cards.
  6. Don't buy expensive workout clothing.
  7. Don't buy dry-clean only clothes.
  8. Borrow for special occasion outfits.

Where can I buy cheap brands online? ›

Best Designer Websites for Cheap
  • Rue La La. Rue La La offers designer brands at up to 70% off retail prices through “Boutique” sales - think flash sales by designer. ...
  • Neiman Marcus Last Call. ...
  • 6PM. ...
  • Gilt. ...
  • Bluefly. ...
  • Nordstrom Rack.

How to find wholesalers for clothing? ›

Online marketplaces: There are several online marketplaces that can help you find thousands of wholesale suppliers. IndiaMART and TradeIndia are two reliable websites that offer free directories of manufacturers and wholesale clothing suppliers in one place.

How to get into wholesale clothing? ›

Let's take a look at the 10 steps you can follow to become a clothing wholesaler.
  1. Study the Industry. ...
  2. Choose a niche. ...
  3. Create a business plan. ...
  4. Secure licenses and permits. ...
  5. Set up your physical location. ...
  6. Determine your prices. ...
  7. Create an online storefront. ...
  8. Curate your product listings.
Feb 25, 2021

How do I find wholesale vendors? ›

Other options for finding wholesale suppliers include:
  1. Going to an industry trade show and connecting with wholesale suppliers in person.
  2. Joining social media groups for your niche and talking shop with other merchants.
  3. Joining trade organizations for your product to see if any names come up.
Nov 21, 2022

Which shop is cheaper than Shein? ›

Cheap Clothing Websites Like Shein
  • 1.) Romwe. Romwe carries almost identical merchandise to Shein. ...
  • 2.) Zaful. Likewise with Zaful! ...
  • 3.) boohoo. boohoo is, in my opinion, geared toward a more youthful crowd. ...
  • 4.) PrettyLittleThing. ...
  • 5.) NastyGal. ...
  • 6.) LovelyWholeSale. ...
  • 7.) FairySeason. ...
  • 8.) Forever 21.
Jan 5, 2023

What online store is cheaper than Shein? ›

StyleWe is a cheap online store like SHEIN and ROMWE with a large selection of inexpensive and on-trend clothes.

Is Shein a cheap website? ›

SheIn clothing is made from cheap material. This isn't really a secret — it's the main reason SheIn prices are so low. If you're looking for budget-friendly pieces to wear with more expensive items, SheIn could be great for you.

Why does Shein so cheap? ›

Their prices are low because they practice fast fashion, use cheap labor, and have a lot of sales and discounts. However, their clothes are usually of good quality, and you can always return them if you're not happy with your purchase. So if you're looking for affordable clothes, Shein is a great option!


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