747 Lawn Care Business Name Ideas You Wish You Thought Of | Soocial (2023)

Need a name for your lawn care business? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, you’ll find hundreds of creative and unique lawn care business names. Whether you’re a one-man operation or part of a team, these are perfect for you.

The name of your lawn care business leads to success. Having a smart and catchy name for your company helps it stand out from the crowd. After all, a quality business name attracts customers and brings credibility to your brand.

A good name will set you apart from your competition, uniquely describe your service, and help your business website rank well in search engine results. But choosing a perfect name for your business isn’t that simple. You’ll need to spend a lot of time and energy brainstorming and searching for a name that suits your business the best.

But don’t worry! We are here to help. Below you will find a lot of different suggestions to spur the creativity inside of you as you determine the right name for your lawn care/lawn mowing business.

Short and Simple Lawn Care Business Names

Are you ready to set up your own lawn care business, but aren’t sure what business name to use? Here we’ve put together simple lawn care business names for you to use or get ideas from.

  • Fertilize my Lawn
  • Bee There Lawn Service
  • Awesome Yards Unlimited
  • Landscaping Pros
  • The Greening Hand
  • Great Greens Solutions
  • Green Solutions
  • The Mow Crew
  • Lawn Landscaper
  • Lawn Love
  • Mow This!
  • Mr. Turf
  • Grass Guy
  • Your Lawn Expert
  • Grass Doctor
  • Avenue Mower
  • Lawn Doctor
  • Lawn Wizard
  • Lush Green Lawns
  • The Lawn Peepers
  • Ace Lawn
  • Lawn Treat
  • Lawn Starters
  • The Turf Man
  • Green Yard Pros
  • Miss Green Thumb
  • Mow Me Down
  • Lawn Service Pros
  • Bees B Gone!
  • Lawn and Garden Care Services
  • Lawn Love Inc.
  • Easy Turf Care Inc.
  • Lawnman
  • Lawn Ranger

Catchy Lawn Care Company Names

Lawn care business names can be hard to come up with. When it comes to the strategy for naming your business, you need to find a name that is not only catchy enough for customers to remember but also the one that easily portrays what your company is all about.

We’ve gathered and listed below plenty of catchy lawn care business name ideas that you can use for your lawn care service.

  • Sparkle Lawns
  • Garden Envy
  • All Green Landscaping
  • My Favorite Grass
  • Weeds Gone Wild
  • Green up Your Lawn
  • Earth to Mow
  • Grass Harvesters
  • The Turf Team
  • Neighborhood Mow & Go
  • Artistic Weed Control
  • Landscaping Wizard
  • Flowery Gardens Lawn Care
  • Mow It
  • Sunshine
  • Speed Busters Lawn Cutting
  • Plain And Green
  • Grass Mark
  • Lawn Steward
  • Weed Elimination Service
  • The Peas
  • The Greens Keepers
  • Planting Profits
  • Green River Grass Cutting Co.
  • Easy Gardener Company
  • Happy Apples Lawn Service, Inc.
  • All Seasons Lawns
  • Awesome Grass
  • Autumn Hayrides
  • Buzz Off Insects LLC
  • Capital Green Lawns & Grubs
  • Epic Garden
  • Fluffy Fairways
  • Beautiful Gardens
  • Bloomin Yardwork
  • 1-800-Lawn Mowing
  • Grass Masters
  • All Green Lawns
  • The Beautification Project
  • That Lawn! (call for an appointment)
  • Greening the Earth
  • My Garden Crew
  • Acres and Acres Lawn Care Service
  • Aim High Gardening Services
  • All Green Lawn Care & Landscape
  • Amazing Grass & Gardening
  • Amazing Maxx Lawn Care Services
  • As Good as New Landscape
  • Abundant Lawns Inc.
  • Affordable Lawns Ltd.
  • Afternoon Delight Lawn Care
  • America’s Best Lawn Care
  • All Around The Block Lawn and Garden
  • All Grown Up Landscaping Inc.
  • Lawns R Us
  • Sprinkler Specialists
  • Lawn Tidy up
  • Lawn Rescue
  • Flower Power Lawn Care Service
  • Complete Mowing Service
  • Landscaping 101
  • Show Me The Green
  • Fresh Cut Lawns
  • Groovy Green Grass
  • All Turf No Thatch
  • Healthier Homes and Gardens
  • The Green Group
  • Spring Into Action!
  • Grass Masters Inc (Great name for a franchise)
  • Keeping it Real Lawn Care Company
  • Mow It, or Lose it, LLC
  • That’s a Yard of Flavour!
  • Action Landscapes
  • Easy Green Gardens and Lawns Inc.
  • Happy Yard Landscapes and Maintenance
  • Impressions Lawn Care LLC.
  • King of the Garden Landscape Crew
  • The Grass Whisperers
  • Greener Pastures
  • Turf Terminators
  • Weed Abatement Incorporated (WAI)
  • Glowing Grasses
  • Xtreme Green Lawns
  • Clipped to Perfection
  • Heart of the Garden
  • Perfect Grass Lawn Care
  • Great Gardens
  • Bloomin’ Great Lawns
  • Greenworks Lawn Care Service
  • Bigtime Yard Maintenance
  • Weed Free Yards
  • Green Thumb Lawn Care Services
  • A Cut Above Lawn Maintenance
  • Crystal Clear Lawn Care Services
  • Caring for Your Yard
  • Front Range Lawn Care Services
  • The Yard Man
  • Not Just Grass Inc
  • Lawn Love Landscaping LLC
  • Lawn Pros
  • Green Thumb Inc
  • Cutting Edge Lawn Care
  • Dream Turf Lawn Care
  • Lawn Wise Lawn Care Service
  • Grass Masters Lawn Care Service
  • Little Green Machine Lawn Care Service
  • Turf Paradise Lawn Care Service
  • Acreage Landscaping and Lawn Care
  • Amazing Lawn Service Inc.
  • Artistic Landscape Solutions
  • Grass Roots Lawn Care
  • Better Than Ever Lawn Care
  • All Done For You Landscape Maintenance and More
  • All Seasons Gardening Service
  • Attention to Detail Landscaping Company Inc.
  • Best Yard Ever! Inc.
  • Lawn Dozers
  • Get your Lawn Fix
  • Grass Cutter Service
  • The Grass is Greener (Your lawn that is)
  • Perfectly Trimmed Lawns
  • Beauty And The Weed
  • Green Works Gardening Service
  • Spike Your Garden
  • Weed Man
  • Grass King (or Queen)
  • Grass on the Run
  • Edge of Green
  • Weed, Feed, and Water
  • Trim, Cut, and Mow
  • The Lawn Whisperer
  • Weeds or Weeds Not?
  • Autumns Glory

Creative Lawn Mowing Business Names

Dust off that lawn mower and get it working! You are going to need a name for your new lawn mowing service. Here are some interesting lawn mowing business names to get your creative juices flowing.

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  • Lawn Love
  • Lawn Solutions LLC
  • Royal Shade Lawn and Garden
  • Mow Rite Inc.
  • All Watered Up
  • Backyard Affair
  • Better than Ever Landscaping
  • Cultivating Creativity
  • Expert Gardening Solutions
  • Fertile Grounds, LLC
  • Lawnin’ Around
  • Green Agency
  • Lawn Perfectionists Ltd
  • Dependable Mowers
  • The Green Dynasty
  • Reliable Lawns
  • Prime Time Cutters
  • High-Quality Turf Inc.
  • A Yard Above LandscapingAcres And More Lawn Care Service
  • All Around The Green
  • Artful Mowing
  • As Good As Grass
  • Bare Necessities Lawncare
  • Pampered Petals Grooming
  • Polite Gardeners of America, LLC.
  • Turf Pros Landscape Management, Inc.
  • Alpha Lawn Care Inc
  • Shine Bright Lawn Care LLC.
  • Ace Your Yard
  • Better Lawns
  • Landscape To The Max
  • Green Chic
  • Give Lawns The Works
  • Magic Mowers
  • Cutting Edge Garden Services
  • Keep it Simple Lawn Care
  • Whistle and Weed Lawn Solutions
  • Well Tended Lawns Inc.
  • Easy on the Green Lawns
  • No More Dandelions Landscaping
  • 3D Lawn & Landscaping Services
  • A Sharp Cut Landscaping
  • Art & Grace Landscaping
  • Artful Weeding Lawn Care Service…
  • King of the Yard
  • All Cut Lawn Care Services, LLC
  • All Grass Lawn Care Service
  • Grass Beats Concrete Lawn Care Service, Inc.
  • Perfect Lawn Solutions, LLC
  • 1-800-Lawns Plus, Inc.
  • Mowio
  • A Mow Above Tree Service – It’s a nice play on words.
  • Lawn Care Charlie – He’s your “Charlie” in lawn care.
  • Grass Masters – Everyone likes to be a “master” at something, don’t they?
  • Spring Clean – Everyone loves spring cleaning especially their lawn! And it’s easy to remember.
  • Sunshine and Green Grass
  • Lovely Lawns
  • Fast Lawn Care
  • Ivy League Lawn Care (Top-Notch work)

Unique Lawn Care Business Names

A unique name makes it easier to market a company and stand out among the other similar businesses in the region. It can also help customers remember who they hired and bring them back next season. However, choosing a unique lawn care company name is no small task.

Every day, new lawn care businesses pop up in the market and due to rising competition in this industry, it is becoming harder to pick a name that is original yet creative.

Therefore, to help you out, we’ve gathered plenty of unique lawn care business names for you to choose from.

  • Ace Lawn Care
  • Almost Perfect Lawns
  • Artistic Gardens
  • Lawn Doctor – Lawn Treatments, Mowing, Spraying, and More
  • Landscaping Unlimited – Landscaping Services for Home & Business
  • Outdoor Concrete Solutions
  • Decorative Concrete – Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Rehab
  • American Lawn Care – Lawn Care Services For Your Entire Yard
  • Lush Green Lawns – The Best Yard In Your Neighborhood
  • Affordable Grass Solutions- The Greener The Better!
  • Work It! Landscaping
  • Beyond Green Lawn Care
  • Good Deal Lawn Services
  • Absolutely Nice Yard Work
  • Your Green Is My Business
  • Above and Beyond Lawns Inc
  • Nice Combination Lawn Care
  • Green Fairy
  • Piece of Earth
  • The Earth Loving Groundsman
  • Meadow Landscaping
  • Lawn Loving Lady
  • Love Your Lawn
  • Balancing Act Lawn Solutions
  • Every Green Thing Contracting
  • Spring In My Step Yard Care
  • Yard Masters LLC
  • Freshly Cut Grass Mowing Services
  • Fairytale Lawns
  • Grass Stains
  • Surreptitious Weeders
  • My Secret Greenback Society
  • The Golfer’s Groundskeeper
  • Landscape King Lawncare Service
  • Weeding Wizardry
  • Swift Lawn Care
  • Lawn Fix
  • Lawn Inc
  • Lawn Love
  • Green Thumb Lawn Care
  • Mow-N-Go
  • Cutting Zone Lawn Care
  • Tiger Lawns
  • Green Clean Lawncare
  • Just-in-time lawn mowing
  • Lawn and order
  • The Green Team
  • Prairie Green Lawn Care
  • Mow to the Max
  • The Turf Wizard
  • Ace Lawn Mowing
  • Little Green Sprouts
  • Bloom and Blossom Lawn Care Services Ltd
  • Patching It Together Landscaping
  • Gardeners Choice
  • Astro Turf
  • Grow Green Grass
  • Big City Lawn Edgers
  • Green Grass Group LLC
  • Cut Above the Rest Lawn Care Service
  • Dependable Grass Craftsman
  • Edgy Lawn Service
  • Landscaping Crew
  • Lawn Lovers Landscaping
  • Lawn Masters

Cool Grass Cutting Service Names

Here are some of the cool names you can use for your own grass-cutting service business. Take a look and pick one that suits your business the best.

  • Grass Dude
  • Keep it Trimmed
  • Green Light Lawns
  • Always Greener on our Side
  • Just Right Lawn
  • Lush Landscaping Service
  • City Green Landscaping and Lawn Services
  • Ace in the Grass
  • Carbon’s Mow & Tractor Service
  • Crank’d Up Lawn Services
  • HomeGrown Gardeners Inc.
  • Landscape Guru Inc
  • Lawn Medics
  • A1 Weed Killers
  • Neat ‘n Green Lawn Care
  • Clean Cut Lawn Care
  • Lawn Cleaning Bees
  • The Buzz On Lawns LLC
  • Be-Sung Landscaping and Lawn Care Company
  • Easy Gardening Company
  • Backyard Beauties Lawn Service
  • Down to Earth Lawn Care
  • The Legendary Gardener
  • Gardeners Abound
  • Pest Away Lawn Care Service
  • Weed Out the Competition
  • Grass Guy
  • Lawn and Shrub Care
  • Mow and Gone
  • Green Leaves Lawn Service
  • Lawn Mowing and Landscaping
  • Grass Master
  • Garden Wizard
  • Sweet Home Lawn Care
  • Cut Above the Rest (use this for a really good lawn care service)
  • The Grassy Knoll
  • Lawn Care Experts
  • A-1 Lawn
  • Advantage Lawn Care
  • American Beauty Lawn
  • Amp’ed Lawn Care Service
  • Artistic Green Grass Services Inc.

Professional Lawn Care Service Names

Trying to think of a good, professional lawn care service name? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve hand-selected some of the professional lawn care service name ideas and placed them on this list for you.

  • Clean Cut Lawns
  • Mow Master
  • Watchdog Lawn Care Inc
  • Lawn Fawn Mowing Service Inc
  • Grass King
  • Turf Perfection
  • Green Thumb Services
  • Green Shine Maintenance
  • Big Green
  • Grass Appetite
  • Backyard Chores
  • The Green Thumb
  • Love Your Lawn
  • Weed Whacker
  • Gotta Mow ’em All
  • Greener Pastures
  • Patchwork Gardeners
  • Mow N’ Roll
  • The Yard Crew
  • Awesome Lawns
  • Your Lawn Experts
  • 21st Century Lawn Care
  • Beyond Green Living
  • Brilliant Green’s Lawn Care Inc
  • Artificial Turf, Inc.
  • Absolute Lawn Solutions
  • Garden Cutters Inc.
  • ABC Lawns Inc.
  • The Grass Masters
  • Lawn Magic Inc.
  • All Lawns Are Green Lawn Care
  • All That’s Green Landscaping
  • Beauti Lawn
  • Complete Turf Care
  • Delightful Turfs
  • EZ Top Maintenance
  • Excel Lawns
  • Aerate Plus Lawn Care
  • Neat and Tidy Lawn Cutting Service
  • Slice of Green
  • For the Love of Grass
  • Last Cut Lawn Care
  • Overgrown
  • Lawn perfection
  • Make Us Green
  • Mow Down
  • Clippin it close
  • Lush Lawn Care
  • Mow with Standards
  • Angel View Lawns
  • Asteroid Turf

Lawn Care Business Name Generator

Need some more awesome names for your lawn care business? No problem! Check out these amazing lawn service names generated by a lawn care business name generator.

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  • Lawn Forth
  • Player Mower
  • Barnyard Mower
  • Mower Marks
  • Fund Landscaping
  • Lawn Care Task
  • Gardens Connector
  • Mag Mower
  • Lawns Football
  • Lawn Kettle
  • Lawncaregize
  • Mowe Rover
  • Kitchen Meadow
  • Meadow Many
  • Tracking Landscaping
  • Musician Meadow
  • Meadow Poll
  • Meadow Mascot
  • Mower Dearer
  • Fiber Mower
  • Mower Spider
  • Mower Culture
  • Landscaping Finding
  • Blip Mower
  • Lawn Stalks
  • Mower Magnet
  • Mower Snapper
  • Shopper Lawn
  • Lawns Concierge
  • Mower Detector
  • Garden Reset
  • Landscaping Lovely
  • Landscaping Lanes
  • Mowe Reefer
  • Lawn Lucent
  • Mower Favor
  • Mower Moo
  • Grass Clan
  • Lawns Landing
  • Gardens Parcel
  • Mower Lavender
  • Curator Lawns
  • Garden Length
  • Lawn Broad
  • Drafting Landscaping
  • Garden Comical
  • Lawn Defeat
  • Lawn Levi
  • Garden Beagle
  • Lawn Lots
  • Landscaping Mints
  • Cyclone Meadow
  • Or Lawn
  • Commerce Mower
  • Pipe Grass
  • Brio Lawn
  • Mower Carrier
  • Lawn Lens
  • Lawn Lily
  • Lust Gardens
  • Lawn Shaul
  • Grass Roar
  • Appraisal Lawns
  • Landscaping Heading
  • Meadow Mrs
  • Lawn Lance
  • Mower Trapper
  • Flapping Grass
  • Meadow Mecca
  • Mower Desert
  • Mower Muse
  • Mode Meadow
  • Garden Siren
  • Garden Cobra
  • Lawn Horde
  • Gardens Cerebral
  • Gardens Missile
  • Lawns Cyborg
  • Mower Fever
  • Gardens Fission
  • Ruflawns
  • Pivot Landscaping
  • Landscapingier
  • Venus Lawn
  • Mower Maverick
  • Mower Dirt
  • Lawns Mauve
  • Lawn Mauve
  • Lawns Lancer
  • Lawns Logistic
  • Lawn Airport
  • Meadow Cello
  • Recession Lawns
  • Landscaping Lilac
  • License Grass
  • Gardens Ensemble
  • Lawns Backer
  • Gardens Hustle
  • Garden Actress
  • Landscaping Statistics
  • Garden Reservations
  • Finesse Lawns
  • Meadow Toad
  • Meadow Scroll
  • Garden Derby
  • Mower Sour
  • Grass Gain
  • Breakout Mower
  • Lender Lawn
  • Landscaping Swift
  • Turquoise Meadow
  • Mall Lawns
  • Lawns Leopard
  • Pea Lawn
  • Mower Leather
  • Grass Romance
  • Wag Grass
  • Grass Guess
  • Lawns Lesson
  • Meadow Mining
  • Electron Meadow
  • Flake Landscaping
  • Grass Giver
  • Bracket Gardens
  • Mowe Render
  • Gardens Impala
  • Landscaping Brokerage
  • Marigold Mower
  • Landscaping Relationship
  • Lawns Levi
  • Lawn Walks
  • Gardens Chorus
  • Lawn Peoples
  • Foliage Lawn
  • Sowl and Scaping
  • Musician Mower
  • Melbourne Mower
  • Mower Scholars
  • Gardendesignnist
  • Startup Lawns
  • Meadow Mentality
  • Tint Grass
  • Mower Solver
  • Lawn Slogger
  • Lawns Leisure
  • Mascara Lawn
  • Mower Majesty
  • Landscaping Acoustics
  • Gardens Aria
  • Gardens Goddess
  • Landscaping Speaking
  • Grass Standard
  • Lookup Meadow
  • Mower Monster
  • Bras Lawn
  • Landscaping Lens
  • Garden Stamina
  • Slugger Mower
  • Mower Motoring
  • Sellers Mower
  • Brink Lawn
  • Mower Booster
  • Lawns Livid
  • Gardens Derma
  • Grass Greenhouse
  • Gardens Expansion
  • Afro Lawn
  • Peso Meadow
  • Garden Dolphin
  • Mower Lancer
  • Knuckle Garden
  • Mower Mother
  • Lawn Service Hop
  • Hype Grass
  • Gras Smash
  • Meadow Mobs
  • Lawn Service Rehearsal
  • Gardens Talon
  • Mower Metrics
  • Lawns Across
  • Mower Gender
  • Lawns Dialog
  • Germany Mower
  • Lawn Unicorn
  • Gardens Hull
  • Rave Grass
  • Mower Thirst
  • Lawn Service Cooker
  • Meadow Mate
  • Thorns Lawn
  • Mower Clover
  • Cardio Meadow
  • Franc Lawn
  • Statistics Meadow
  • Luna Lawns
  • Lawns Lucent
  • Mower Mercy
  • Mower Blurb
  • Misers Lawn
  • Lawn Care Mapping
  • Grass Garment
  • Lawn Lisle
  • Lawn Sate
  • Authority Mower
  • Lawns Ladder
  • Lawn Lockdown
  • Gardens Monk
  • Grass Homeland
  • Wants Grass
  • Methane Mower
  • Lawns Letting
  • Reign Gardens
  • Gardens Duck
  • Industry Meadow
  • Garden Design Morsels
  • Mower Melt
  • Meadow Martini
  • Mower Recorder
  • Mower Order
  • Pisa Lawn
  • Lawn Fore
  • Mower Magma
  • Director Meadow
  • Gardens Material
  • Lawn Shore
  • Benefit Grass
  • Mower Maxi
  • Lawn Botanical
  • Axis Lawns
  • Lover Lawns
  • Lawns Report
  • Mower Amber
  • Lawns Longevity
  • Monsoon Meadow
  • Gardens Relevance
  • Stratus Lawn
  • Pleasure Lawn
  • Limo Lawns
  • Garden Impala
  • Mower Number
  • Creator Mower
  • Firs Lawns
  • Leadership Lawn
  • Mower Tuition
  • Gardens Magma
  • Lounge Landscaping
  • Lawn Miles
  • Scoop Grass
  • Culvert Lawn
  • Mower Antlers
  • Mower Empire
  • Gardens Natural
  • Landscaping Daydream
  • Puffin Lawn
  • Album Lawns
  • Lawn Care Freeway
  • Grass Guild
  • Lawns Jaunt
  • Cobalt Meadow
  • Majesty Mower
  • Meadow Gizmo
  • Mowe Rasters
  • Quarter Landscaping
  • Mower Adventure
  • Verb Mower
  • Liter Lawns
  • Know Gardens
  • Gaff Meadow
  • Titanium Mower
  • Lawns Luxury
  • Hatch Garden
  • Lawns Label
  • Lawns Guy
  • Gardens Everyone
  • Grass Graduate
  • Meadow Boast
  • Lawns Ball
  • Grass Contrast
  • Grass Chums
  • Headhunter Lawn
  • Lip Lawns
  • Mower Register
  • Octagon Lawn
  • Mower Hangar
  • Rapture Lawns
  • Factor Gardens
  • Parlor Lawns
  • Lawn Care Pundit
  • Gardens Note
  • Taipei Meadow
  • Gras Stract
  • Result Grass
  • Techie Mower
  • Meadow Metric
  • Silva Mower
  • Majesty Meadow
  • Mowe Receiver
  • Mower Connector
  • Gardens Citizen
  • Lawns Hawk
  • Cob Lawns
  • Lawns Butter
  • Fetch Landscaping
  • Mower Healthier
  • Brandy Mower
  • Travels Gardens
  • Lawns Evermore
  • Lawnsrig
  • Lawns Labor
  • Grass Prospects
  • Lawn Lory
  • Mower Masterful
  • Dynasty Lawn
  • Grass Stab
  • Lawn Stoss
  • Ham Grass
  • Mob Landscaping
  • Gardens Zion
  • Garden Mornings
  • Lantern Mower
  • Gardens Relevant
  • Dignity Mower
  • Lawns Loft
  • Garden Design Repairman
  • Cubicle Meadow
  • Mower Chatter
  • Lawn Service Shanty
  • Access Grass
  • Lawns Locals
  • Wash Gardens
  • Lawns Dreamers
  • Garden Mona
  • Landscaping Nine
  • Fasting Landscaping
  • Garden Ripple
  • Pounce Garden
  • Gardens Garb
  • Lawn Care Ante
  • Meadow Map
  • Gardens Connections
  • Meadow Members
  • Landscaping Hornet
  • Grass Exam
  • Gardens Legends
  • Mach Meadow
  • Meadow Mouth
  • Gardens Diana
  • Lawn Loco
  • Thumbs Landscaping
  • Grass Gizmo
  • Eves Lawn
  • Lawn Four
  • Rover Mower
  • Mower Raider

How To Name A Lawn Care Business?

Why do you need to think so much before naming your lawn care business? Well, for starters your turf maintenance and landscaping company won’t be an effective marketing machine without a well-branded name. And chances are, this is what people will use to find you in Google and other search engines.

Before you choose a name for your landscaping business, there are some things that must be taken into consideration. The most important thing you want to be aware of is the fact that the lawn care industry is a highly competitive one.

Therefore, you can’t pick an overly generic name. You need to come up with something unique yet memorable enough so that people don’t forget it easily. It should also reflect the types of lawn care services you offer and your business goals.

Here are some tips that might help you out in the naming process for your landscaping or lawn business:

  • Be creative and pick a business name that is personal to you
  • Name your business after something you like
  • Use alliteration with the business name for example
  • Embellish or modify a common name
  • When picking a name, select something you can create an exciting brand around
  • Place yourself in your customer’s shoes
  • Keep it short and simple. Longer names are harder to remember and stick in people’s minds.
  • Get creative! Make sure you add a touch of your own personality into the name. You want your business name to be memorable and stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion: Lawn Care Business Names

There you have it. A huge list, full of ideas for what to name your lawn care business. We hope it gave you some ideas for coming up with an attractive name for your lawn care business.


It’s always best to base the name on something that resonates with your target customers so they automatically know what your company does. Now that you have a bunch of good choices, it’s time to narrow your list down and pick the most ideal name for your lawn care or landscape business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. We hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions related to this article or any suggestions, feel free to email us.

Good Luck!

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What's another word for lawn care? ›

What is another word for lawn care?
grass cuttinggrass trimming
lawn mowingedging
groundskeepinglawn maintenance

How do you come up with a business name? ›

12 Tips For Naming Your Startup Business
  1. Avoid hard-to-spell names. ...
  2. Don't pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows. ...
  3. Conduct a thorough Internet search. ...
  4. Get the .com domain name. ...
  5. Use a name that conveys some meaning. ...
  6. Conduct a trademark search. ...
  7. Conduct a Secretary of State search.
23 Oct 2016

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  • The Green Thumb.
  • Garden Central.
  • Plant Paradise.
  • Green Machines.
  • Garden of Dreams.
  • The Secret Garden.
  • Everything for the Garden.
  • Green Fingers and Thumbs.

What's another word for lawn? ›

What is another word for lawn?
38 more rows

What is a lawn mowing job called? ›

Landscaper Job Description

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, typical duties for “Ground Maintenance Workers,” include: Mowing, edging, and fertilizing lawns. Weeding and mulching landscape beds. Trimming hedges, shrubs, and small trees.

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If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

What are some creative names? ›

  • Aria.
  • Penelope.
  • Nova.
  • Isla.
  • Rowan.
  • Everly.
  • Brooklyn.
  • August.

What are unique business names? ›

Unique business name ideas
  • Arctic Wolf Neworks, Inc (cyber security)
  • The Zebra (car insurance comparison website)
  • Purple Mango (this is the name for a cafe, a skincare and laser office, and a media company)
  • Blue Kite Web Solutions LLC.
  • The Maroon Door (restaurant)
  • Unchained Carrot (marketing)
  • The Orange Goat (restaurant)
8 Nov 2021

What is the name of the garden in the Bible? ›

Garden of Eden, in the Old Testament Book of Genesis, biblical earthly paradise inhabited by the first created man and woman, Adam and Eve, prior to their expulsion for disobeying the commandments of God. It is also called in Genesis the Garden of Yahweh, the God of Israel, and, in Ezekiel, the Garden of God.

What is a little garden called? ›

One of the hottest gardening trends now is miniature gardens known as fairy gardens. Fun for adults and for children, these use small plants, mosses and tiny scenes created with houses, paths and more. Less.

What is a plant shop called? ›

A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired size. Mostly the plants concerned are for gardening, forestry or conservation biology, rather than agriculture.

What are the names of landscapes? ›

Desert, Plain, Taiga, Tundra, Wetland, Mountain, Mountain range, Cliff, Coast, Littoral zone, Glacier, Polar regions of Earth, Shrubland, Forest, Rainforest, Woodland, Jungle, Moors, Steppe, Valley.

What are the most profitable landscaping services? ›

List of 5 Most Profitable Landscaping Business Ideas & Opportunities
  • #1. Hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is an inexpensive, efficient alternative to using sod in areas where a living lawn is desired. ...
  • #2. Interior landscaping. ...
  • #3. Landscape Architecture Service. ...
  • #4. Lawn Care. ...
  • #5. Weeding & Pest Control Service.

What is a sentence for lawn? ›

How to use Lawn in a sentence. I've got some gasoline I use in the lawn mower. Before winter sets in, see that the lawn is freely top-dressed. I was headed over to my house to mow the lawn and check the garden.

What is a antonym for lawn? ›

What is the opposite of lawn?
stonescobbled stone
road surface
2 more rows

What means greensward? ›

Definition of greensward

: turf that is green with growing grass.

How do you describe lawn care? ›

Lawn care is the process of providing overall care to your lawn which includes the health of turf and soil. Lawn care involves the treatment of your lawn, including fertilization, weed control, soil health, and turf disease management.

What do you call a grass specialist? ›

Arborists, agronomists, and all other industry experts are all landscape professionals and all enhance the way you live, work, and play outdoors.

How do you describe lawn care on a resume? ›

Specific duties listed on a Lawn Care Technician example resume are mowing lawns, applying treatments, eliminating pests and weed, laying walkways, planting trees, and using power and hand tools to complete their tasks.

What is the best unique name? ›

Here are some lovely unique names to consider:
  • Aminah. This Arabic girl's name means “feel safe.” It was the name of the prophet Muhammad's mother. ...
  • Belinda. ...
  • Chantria. ...
  • Cinzia. ...
  • Cressida. ...
  • Dionne. ...
  • Haruko. ...
  • Houda.
11 Feb 2022

How do you create a unique name? ›

13 Strategies to Create Character Names
  1. Pick a One Word Name.
  2. Go Wild With Humor.
  3. Make the Name Match.
  4. Reverse the First and Last Name.
  5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  6. Use Your Name.
  7. Use an Anagram Generator.
  8. Add a Prefix or Suffix.

What are good small business names? ›

Sample business name ideas to inspire you
  • Spa Paragon.
  • GameDay Catering.
  • Exploration Kids.
  • Yoga Professor.
  • Darwin Travel.
  • Party Plex.
  • Pizza Factor.
  • Acorn Crafts.

What are the top 10 names? ›

Top 10 Baby Names of 2021
RankMale nameFemale name
6 more rows

What's a cool badass name? ›

Along with Ace and Axel, other badass boy names in the US Top 1000 include Blaze, Dash, Fox, Harley, Jagger, Justice, Ryker, and Wilder. Many badass names are also impressive occupations, among them Hunter, Pilot, Ranger, and Sargent.

What is a rare name? ›

Unique baby names
  • Windy.
  • Vin'nyla.
  • Velvette.
  • Starlette.
  • Snowdrop.
  • Sianna-Marie.
  • Panda.
  • Charmayanne.
23 Aug 2022

What are catchy brand names? ›

Generate unique and catchy business name ideas for your business, company, or product. Try our name generator or read the in-depth article below!
With that in mind, here are more business names I came up with:
  • Zing Zang.
  • Mr. Cool.
  • City Slick.
  • The Silver Bullet.
  • The One And Only.
  • Lost In The Stars.
  • Interstellar.
  • Beyond Belief.

What's a cool name? ›

  • Jack.
  • Harper.
  • Jacob.
  • Asher.
  • Aiden.
  • Luna.
  • Wyatt.
  • Leo.

What is a famous brand name? ›

Business news: In pictures
RankBrandValue ($m)
66 more rows
5 Oct 2016

What does God say about gardening? ›

Build us houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens and eat the fruit of them.” In this Bible verse and the next, (verse 6) God is telling the people how he wants them to live. In families, in homes, to plant gardens and be self sufficient and find peace.

What is a faith garden? ›

FRESH VEGETABLES EVERY DAY As its name suggests, the FAITH Garden system is a system by which farmers can produce a continuous and sufficient supply of fresh vegetables for their families on minimal space, and by using some simple agricultural techniques, produce them all year round.

What does garden mean spiritually? ›

It is an archetypal image of the soul, of innocence, of happiness; it is a place for growth of the inner Self. It is a symbol of consciousness because of its order and enclosed characteristics, as opposed to the unconscious FOREST. Yet it also represents fertility and is usually considered feminine.

What is known as Heart of garden? ›

The correct answer is Lawn. The lawn is considered as Heart of Garden.

What's another word for gardening? ›

What is another word for gardening?
landscapingmarket gardening
30 more rows

What is another name for garden? ›

synonyms for garden
  • back yard.
  • bed.
  • field.
  • greenhouse.
  • nursery.
  • patio.
  • terrace.
  • conservatory.

What is a plant sanctuary? ›

Plant sanctuary means an area of land set aside to preserve, protect, conserve, and manage particular plant species.

What do you call a shop that sells flowers? ›

A florist or a florist's is a shop where flowers and house plants are sold.

What is a synonym for landscaping? ›

What is another word for landscaping?
23 more rows

What is the meaning of lawn care? ›

Lawn care is the process of providing overall care to your lawn which includes the health of turf and soil. Lawn care involves the treatment of your lawn, including fertilization, weed control, soil health, and turf disease management.

How do I look after my lawn? ›

Follow our care tips to improve the condition and appearance of your lawn, below.
  1. Mow your lawn regularly.
  2. Water your lawn.
  3. Weed your lawn.
  4. Relieve compacted grass.
  5. Edge your lawn.
  6. Feed your lawn.
23 Jul 2020

What is a social landscape? ›

The social landscape refers to the texture of the social world. It is constituted by social practices, social systems, and social relationships, as well as the boundaries between them. It is the raw material of social learning, shaping, and in turn being shaped by, our learning.

What is a fancy word for natural? ›

common, essential, innate, instinctive, legitimate, logical, ordinary, reasonable, usual, easy, genuine, real, simple, pure, raw, characteristic, commonplace, constant, familiar, general.

What's another word for landscape gardening? ›

What is another word for landscape gardener?
landscape architectgrower
25 more rows

What does landscape maintenance include? ›

Typically a landscape maintenance contract will cover all of the basics to make sure your landscape is healthy and looking at its best. These include: mowing, lawn fertilization, pest control, garden cleanup, mulching, leaf removal, edging and trimming.

What is a good lawn care schedule? ›

Lawn maintenance and fertilizing don't end in the summer. For cool-season grasses, fertilize twice in the fall to take advantage of the great growing conditions. Fertilize once around the beginning of September and then once more 6 to 8 weeks later. For warm-season grasses, only fertilize once.

How often should a lawn be mowed? ›

Mowing every 6 to 7 days should be a good rhythm to keep your lawn healthy, attractive, and at a manageable length.

How do I keep my lawn green all year? ›

Keep your yard and lawn healthy all year round with these tips...
  1. Keep on mowing! The end of lawn mowing is in sight- you can stop in mid-October. ...
  2. But water less. ...
  3. Fill in the gaps. ...
  4. Not all fertilizer is the same. ...
  5. Fertilize. ...
  6. Rake your leaves. ...
  7. Check for mosquito breeding grounds. ...
  8. Trim Trees.
21 Sept 2018

What is top dressing for a lawn? ›

A top dressing consists of a mix of materials such as sand, soil, peat and loam, which should be made to closely match the composition of the existing soil, as all of the new materials will eventually form part of the root zone (soil where roots grow best) and will therefore need to blend well.


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