10 Best Harley Quinn Costumes from Alternate DC Realities (2023)

By Justin Epps

Harley Quinn is known for her iconic look, but she’s not alone in DC’s extremely large multiverse. Discover the ten best, other Harley outfits.

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There are few heroes as bombastic and theatrical in the DC Universe as Harley Quinn. Ever since she debuted, the Cupid of Crime has gone everywhere and done everything. In the last few years, Harley’s become a sizable part of the DCU, and she’s popped up in numerous alternate worlds and potential timelines.

No matter where or when she appears, Quinn always has a killer outfit with her to reinforce her stylish and kooky nature. From dark, possible futures to vastly different alternate Earths, the following ten costumes are some of the best Harley Quinn has ever shown off.

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10 Future State

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DC’s Future State event was a look at the potential future the DC Universe was heading to following the epic Dark Nights: Death Metal. A sinister organization known as the Magistrate had seized control of Gotham, and one person on their list of heroes and villains to take care of was Harley. In this timeline, Harley’s newer look is given a cyberpunk makeover with the addition of riot gear and serious weaponry. It keeps enough of Harley’s familiar imagery but also reflects the dark period of time Gotham is facing with its new, fascist overlords.

9 Harli-Quinnitor

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While she can be a bit destructive, Harley Quinn has nothing on her fusion with the Crisis on Infinite Universe’s Anti-Monitor. Dial H for Hero #10 revealed the existence of the offbeat amalgamation on DC’s combined world of Earth-32. In a world populated by fused characters, Harley is one of the biggest menaces around and wears an armor much like the Anti-Monitor’s but with elements calling back to her original jester outfit. The Harli-Quinnitor’s armor managed to take one of Harley’s more innocent looks at turn it into a symbol of truly terrifying power.

8 Old Lady Harley

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What exactly is Harley going to be like when she’s old and gray? The Old Lady Harley miniseries gave fans an answer in a story that showed the antihero fighting to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic DC Universe. In a world ravaged by invasions and calamities, Harley is just trying to survive the vast wastelands. She continues to wear her New 52 outfit despite them having seen better days. She also has a mostly shaved head and has opted for a blue and red face paint instead of a proper mask. Old Lady Harley’s look is familiar, but communicates the harsh environment she’s trying to survive.

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7 Yo-Yo

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Things were flipped completely upside down when Barry Allen created the Flashpoint timeline. Not only did it make Martha Wayne the Joker, it gave Harley Quinn a completely different identity. In this world, Harley is Yo-Yo, the Joker’s righthand woman. However, instead of a jester gimmick, Yo-Yo is armed to the teeth with numerous yo-yos (not that they do her any good at keeping Thomas Wayne’s Batman at bay). She may not have the same clown-like imagery of Harley Quinn, but Yo-Yo’s costume does show off Harleen Quinzel’s silly and carefree nature.

6 Justice League of Assassins' Harley

10 Best Harley Quinn Costumes from Alternate DC Realities (6)

Harley has shown no qualms when it comes to combat, but one variant is more brutal than Harley Quinn could ever be. Earth-14 was once the home of the Justice League of Assassins, and its members consisted of elite killers. Their version of Harley Quinn is briefly seen when the team is fighting off an army that has come for the team’s Superman. This Harley is seen wearing a half-mask and dual wields guns as the assassins make their last stand. While her outfit is a more radical departure than others, Earth-14 Harley’s costume really does communicate her ruthlessness and lethality.

5 Injustice

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The world of Injustice is a harsh and brutal take on the DC Universe, and Harley Quinn plays a sizable role in it. This version of Harley helps the Joker in his murder of Lois Lane and is presented in a variation of her iconic red and black costume. Eschewing her traditional jester motif, she opts for a more Gothic design, while keeping her usual domino mask. Her alternate reality counterpart keeps certain elements of this design, but goes for a more biker look. Either way, both fit right into the unique costume choices present in the Injustice franchise.

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4 Holly Quinn

10 Best Harley Quinn Costumes from Alternate DC Realities (8)

Harley Quinn was created a long time after the ‘60s Batman show went off-air. But the Batman ‘66 comic series finally gave Adam West’s Dark Knight his own version of the iconic villain. Initially presented as psychiatrist Holly Quinn, the good doctor goes bad when exposed to the Joker’s chaotic mental energy. She later emerged as the Harlequin, wearing a football helmet modified to look like a jester cap, a red and black dress and white roller skates. The Harlequin’s costume is a fun redesign that takes the best elements of Harley’s look to make her fit perfectly into the bygone era.

3 DC Bombshells

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DC Bombshells reinvented a number of classic female heroes and villains for the 1940s era story. The Harley Quinn of this world is much like her classic universe counterpart: free-spirited and deeply in love with her world’s Poison Ivy. The DC Bombshells’ Harley’s outfit consists of the usual black and red apparel such as shorts and a top, along with a made up face when in her ‘Harley’ persona. She also wears aviator goggles as well as a bomber jacket. It’s a bit more revealing than much of her other outfits, but its indicative of her adventurous and thrill-seeking spirit.

2 Dark Knights of Steel

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Harley has never been one afraid to speak her mind, which makes her role in DC’s Medieval reimagining Dark Knights of Steel perfect for her. Harley is presented as the court jester of the El Kingdom, relaying news and offering advice with a joke and a smile. And what else would she wear other than her classic jester outfit. There are a few adjustments such as the lack of a domino mask and the addition of bells on her costume. But it’s interesting to see Harley’s original duds take on a new life as she becomes the official clown of a court.

1 Harley Quinn Black + White + Red

10 Best Harley Quinn Costumes from Alternate DC Realities (11)

Possibly the best alternate costume Harley has worn, but also one seen very briefly. Seen in Harley Quinn Black + White + Red #11, the costume appears in a story where Harley is in a bar discussing the various ways she would kill the Justice League. But when Batwoman arrives, it’s revealed the real Harley is elsewhere dressed in a brand-new outfit. This costume features long ponytails that go all the way down to her feet, a full-length bodysuit with a giant field of white in addition to her red and black, and pixie boots. A fantastic update to Harley’s look and one that deserves to make an immediate comeback.

There’s been a lot of different versions of Harley Quinnacross DC’s multiverse, but these are undoubtedly some that will remain the best spins on her iconic look.


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